Do you look at your social media feed and see friends on beautiful and exciting vacations and think “that is too expensive for me to do”? Well, we are here to change that for you!

GetAway GiveAways is a discount vacation travel service and a vacation giveaway provider. You heard that right. We giveaway vacation stays at resort hotels all over the world. And we do it every week!
You might be wondering “how can they giveaway stays at resort hotels…there has to be a catch!”. There actually is a few catches, if you want to call them that. These include:
  • Our vacation giveaways do not include transportation, including airfare or car
  • You will need to pay the local taxes for your stay (usually about $20/day)
How can we just give away these vacation stays? Well, we partnered with BookVIP to take advantage of the fact that most resorts maintain a 30% vacancy rate. “Giving away” these empty rooms still benefits the resort because you will be paying for food and entertainment, for example.
Since this is really a win-win, BookVIP used its already massive network connections with resort hotels all over the USA and the world to aggregate these empty rooms and push them out to providers like GetAway GiveAways to promote their business services and to provide fundraising benefits to certain causes.
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